Why choosing reliable Groomsmen is important

By AKI Traore, Staff Writer

A groomsman or usher is one of the male attendants to the groom in a wedding ceremony. Usually, the groom selects close friends and relatives to serve as groomsmen, and it is considered an honour to be selected. From his groomsmen, the groom usually chooses one to serve as a best man.” Wikipedia “

More than just standing around and looking handsome during the wedding celebration the groomsman’s role goes way deeper and revolves more around the pre- wedding day.

It is therefore rewarding to have reliable and committed people alongside the couple to go through this once in a lifetime journey – for most.

As we all know the most challenging part of the wedding celebration is the organization. This single word involves a great deal of – working behind the scenes, talking to the right people, not being afraid to get the hands dirty, making time for wedding related meetings, being the best advisor and so much more. In other words, the groomsman takes away a lot of pressure from the groom before and during the wedding. This explains why we shouldn’t go for just groomsmen but RELIABLE GROOSMEN who will play their part to the best of their abilities.

Let us imagine for a second here that we buy a nice coat we have been contemplating for a while to only realize that we can’t hang it since it doesn’t have that loop of cloth sewn in the collar. How inconvenient and frustrating could that be? One should definitely give it an objective thought before choosing, only to avoid situations such as not being able to pass on important information in time because the groomsman wasn’t reachable, having to run all errands by yourselves or having to get involved in the service on the wedding day. It is only fair to remind people that the groom preparing for this meaningful and blessed day shouldn’t go through such unnecessary yet avoidable stress.

A groom who knows that he can count on his groomsmen has certainly less to worry about before and during the wedding simply because he has people around, capable of anticipating,  efficiently executing, following up, looking into the best deals possible, in one sentence `HAVING THE GROOM´S BACK ‘ so to speak. Let us remember that the wedding is supposed to be one of the best experiences in a couple’s life not the other way around hence why the small details matter as much. And Who better than a reliable groomsman can have the time and abilities to take care of those? Why should the groom be focusing on a lot more than making his bride the happiest on the day?

Some will argue that the groom chose to get married therefore he should endure everything that comes with it. However, the wedding should be a smooth and enjoyable experience, reason why it makes complete sense to rely on good friends who will go the extra mile to make it so. Friends who will be those extra pairs of eyes and ears, friends who will give you constructive feedbacks whether positive or negative, friends who will volunteer to take on the difficult tasks.

This goes without mentioning some practices in Africa where a wedding can be seen as an opportunity to fill up the pockets or prey on freebies. Choosing people with such motivations will result in things not being done in the groom’s best interest. One can have a bitter experience and a lot of questions left unanswered. It is then our responsibility to choose wisely our groomsmen given the fact that the choice is entirely ours. We shouldn’t be afraid to exclude some people we believe not to be reliable and with whom we will second guess everything. The question is do we have the strength and time to deal with such uncertainties when getting married? What we need during this specific moment is friends we trust, RELIABLE GROOMSMEN.

What we want is focusing on giving the most beautiful wedding to our queen without organization issues. What will be considered a successful wedding celebration is the one where groom and bride have their most gorgeous and genuine smile on all throughout the wedding. In order to make this happen what we need are RELIABLE GROOSMEN who understand that it is their job and are therefore fully committed from the planning to the wedding day.


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